Earlier this summer, I found myself 369 miles from the southern end of the Pacific Crest Trail with eight other hikers. We were all taking a rest day, so I suggested we use the time for a photo shoot. I had set out on the thru-hike several months earlier, with the goal of photographing my fellow hikers as I made my way north. On that day, I had hikers model with their propane cans, sleeping bags, water filters, and backpacks. It was the start of what would become Hiker Trash Vogue, a photo project that features PCT thru-hikers posing as high-fashion models—minus wardrobe changes and plus a lot of dirt. Over the course of the trip, I photographed hundreds of hikers. Here are a few of my favorite portraits.

Photo (from left): Nick Johnson, Sam Martin, James Fell, Ayesha Cording, Katie O’Brien. Trail names: J-Man, Dang, Neo, Heaps, McGyver; Mile 824.7.

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