Perfect, absolutely perfect.. Away from the resorts, high in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus I had it all... Scenery, blue skies, mountains, wooded paths, warmth, and total peace. Miles and miles of trails and climbs to choose from. Spoilt for choice but never a bad choice to be made. The order of the day was the Madari Trail. As great a 13km circular hike as you will find. Ups, downs, wide ridges and at the summit of Adelfoi (1612 m), the island's 2nd highest summit, you get access to the most spectacular 360 panoramic views over the island. One of the things that struck me was that we set off mid morning yet the whole way round we did not meet a single other person, a true sense of peace in paradise indeed. Lining your path though as you gradually climb is an abundance of green. The variety of trees and shrubs is astonishing, actually is hard to keep up with leaning them all it is so rich. Cedar, oak, juniper, strawberry, wild rose, pine and much much more. The pathway up is

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