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When you think of hiking destinations in Europe, what places come to mind?

For me it’s usually the Alps, the Dolomites, or the Pyrenees.

The Eastern Carpathians? That’s a mountain range that I wasn’t really familiar with until I travelled to Romania.

I came to the country with a group of fellow bloggers to explore Neamt County – a part of Romania that few travellers know about and even fewer venture to – so I guess in a way it isn’t so surprising that I had never heard of Ceahlău National Park which forms part of the Eastern Carpathians. Yet knowing very little about the place, once I heard that we would be hiking and then spending the night in a little cabin atop the mountain, I was hooked on the idea!

I may not be a great mountaineer – you certainly won’t catch me climbing the Seven Summits anytime soon! – but I have gone trekking in Sapa, climbed an active volcano in Bali, and tackled Drakensberg in South Africa. Not bad considering I wasn’t all that interested in the outdoors until I started travelling.

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