Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe and yet, there are only a few travelers that are visiting it. Due to several internal conflicts in 2014, Ukraine had no choice but to close the country down in order to protect its territory and only as recently as in 2019 that the country started to open its borders and welcoming tourists and explorers like us to experience its beautiful culture.

In 2019, Ukraine has finally opened up and extended its E-Visa platform to over 52 countries around the world, and together with its EU ties (most European countries are exempted from the Visa already), the country is planning to capitalize on the tourism boom that is happening all over Europe.

As I learned about this, without hesitation I decided to apply for a Ukrainian E-Visa right away and after traveling for a month in Ukraine, I am here to tell you about my personal experience applying for a Ukrainian E-Visa, documents I prepared, and things I wish I knew before applying for a Ukrainian E-Visa.

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