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Tomas is a ‘Digital Nomad’. He and his best friend Justas, travel and work abroad together since the summer of 2012. In this two minute interview Tomas tells IntoConnection about the biggest lessons and how he obtains and builds up a network in places he has never been.

That summer Tomas worked as a dishwasher and Justas as a salesman for some electronic retail company and they both hated their jobs. They decided to quit their jobs and to follow their dreams. Both guys have a passion for travelling and therefore they made the decision to travel the world together. No matter how, they wanted to see the world.

To gain enough money to finance the whole thing, they had to work of course. As they both have an academic background in web designing they are working for several clients all over the world on different digital design projects. During their adventure they realised that they were certainly not the only ones doing it. Along the way the Lithuanians met many others doing the same thing. They call themselves ‘Digital Nomads’.

You can follow Tomas and Justas on Dare With Us, where they share their experiences. Tomas has got an account on Medium as well and he is working on an online teaching and learning platform for web designers: Despreneur: an online magazine for Design Entrepreneurs.


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