Hi guys how are you today. I am here again to give you an advise about a Filipina Woman. By the way I am a Filipina too, and I am Married to a US Citizen. The reason why I am writing this advise to all the foreigner  who is going to Philippines. Is because I want you guys to be aware and be treated liked a human being who work hard just so you can travel.

And I understand that some of the western man are going to Philippines to have fun and some are looking for their soulmate. Well I really wanna help you guys to find the right woman for you. First off all you need to be careful specially if you never been in the Philippines before. Westerners who is first timer in the Philippines are the easy target for the Filipina  scammers.

How To Find Out If The Filipina Is A Scammer Or Good Girl, Red Flag, Good Sign

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