Lonely Planet Local Elio Stamm moved to Accra three years ago. Although the humidity and sheer volume of everything were a little overwhelming to start, he quickly fell for the bustling energy and creativity with which the city’s inhabitants go about their daily life. He's since discovered a quickly evolving arts scene, cuisine from four corners of the globe, and that Accranian politeness is even starting to rub off on him.

Accra architecture is a startling mixture of old and new: here, Café Kwae sits nestled in the very contemporary One Airport Square building © Elio Stamm / Lonely Planet

What I love most about Accra... is its people. No matter how busy the streets of the Makola Market are, the market ladies will always engage patrons in conversation. Taxi divers – there are more in Accra than in Manhattan – may discuss politics like everywhere else in the world, but here they don't even miss a beat when unhealthy (potentially costly) noises start to emanate from the engine of their car. And young, fellow creatives, working alongside me on their laptops at Café Kwae or Nourish Lab Smoothy's, are always as keen to help as they are in sharing their goals for the future, whether an online app or hipster bag production company. Everyone is on the move, and there is energy evident everywhere.

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