If there is one activity in Seoul of South Korea that you absolutely must NOT miss, it is to try on the elegant Korean traditional clothing called as ‘hanbok’!

TRIVIA: The term ‘hanbok’ literally means “Korean clothing” but it just basically refers to the traditional clothing for both men and women from the Joseon period that was typically worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations. Wonmen’s hanbok typically consists of a jeogori (blouse shirt or jacket) and chima (wrap-around puffy skirt); whereas men’s hanbok also comprises of a jeogori but paired with loose-fitting baji (trousers) instead.

Much like how Japan has kimono rental shops, South Korea has tons of hanbok rental shops for tourists — and as the name suggests, you can borrow and wear a hanbok for a day (or more) through these places whilst you venture out to the cultural centers in Seoul to make unique memories and snap wonderful photos.

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