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Are you a fan of KPop? …I’m not (or at least not yet *wink, wink*) BUT it doesn’t mean that I’m not interested about it — because I am! I may not be a hardcore fan; however, I am deeply enthralled by the community that loves it. Not to mention that Kpop stars as well as their songs and dances are immensely catchy and vibrant! I mean, for instance, who hasn’t heard of PSY’s Gangnam Style? (Kpop dance class)

What is KPop or K-Pop (케이팝)? This is a genre of pop or popular music in South Korea and most of the artists are typically referred to as ‘idols’. With the advent of social media and the rising popularity of Korean entertainment (also known as the ‘Korean Wave’), K-Pop has been steadily gaining worldwide fame not only for the idols’ music and videos but also for their fashion style.

When I visited Seoul in South Korea for the first time, I was curious enough that I wanted to ‘dip’ myself into the Kpop culture scene even for just a little bit — as well as to also see if I can still dance (lol, because I used to). So when I was looking for unique activities in the city, I saw this Kpop dance class on KKday’s website that’s held by a popular dance studio called as ‘Real Kpop Dance Studio’.

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