Every now and then, I meet backpackers that always turn their misfortune into adventurous stories. They often end their stories with, “it was an amazing adventure nonetheless” or “I would totally do it again”. I know this because it reminded me of myself as I was one of those backpackers.

I used to believe that a true backpacker must go all in, do things on a whim with no plans, and as cheap as possible. I was always on a lookout for the most off-the-beaten paths, in the most remote locations, while doing things the “local-way” and call it as part of an adventure that comes with traveling.

In reality though, those remote locations I considered off-the-beaten paths were not really off-the-beaten paths and those adventures like hiking alone in the north of Peru or visiting countries like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were not really true adventures in a sense that my trip was still supported by some kind of tourism infrastructure, little it may be.

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