There are only a few number of destinations worldwide that have enraptured me with its mind blowing beauty — and among my extraordinary trips to Antarctica and the Faroe Islands, the country of Iceland is now high up on this list! (Iceland itinerary)

…Though of course, I must admit: when I was first planning my Iceland itinerary, I was a bit skeptical that the hype for it might be just a fluke and I will end up not only disappointed but also broke (besides, it IS famous for being an expensive getaway). Nevertheless, I was thankfully wrong: Iceland is truly worth the hype, the money, and more!

Speaking of such ‘hype’, I’m sure you are already aware of this, but Iceland has been constantly hitting headlines and topping bucket lists for years now as it repeatedly gains the favor of its visitors (including me). All of that attention is fairly well-placed because even if Iceland is a small Nordic island nation, it is filled to the brim with dramatic landscapes full of hot springs, glaciers, geysers, lava fields and volcanoes among many others. In fact, you can just take one look at the photos and videos online and offline and they will already speak multitudes of its wonders — so imagine how it could be like when you see everything in flesh!

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