At 27,142 feet, Križna jama, aka the “Cross Cave,” is nearly as long as Mount Everest is tall—yet it’s still considered a moderately sized cave for Slovenia. Križna jama is a beautiful and heavily protected cave system (fewer than 1,000 permitted entries per year) filled with interconnected emerald green pools that are mainly fed by the Bloke plateau. Križna hosts a rich biodiversity that makes it one of the largest single ecosystems in the world.

PUBLISHED November 8, 2017

Slovenia is a world-famous caving destination, with around 8,000 jamas, or caves, located in a country smaller than Vermont. Of those 8,000 formations, however, only around 20 are considered “show caves”—caves that contain a unique beauty and scale that rivals many of the much larger karstic topographies found in southeastern China, Vietnam, Laos, and Papua New Guinea.

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