Where mountain goats are abundantly found on tree branches and steep rock cliffs, there is an island that almost feels like a country on its own. It’s small enough to have a care-free island vibe; large enough to have its own fascinating culture. Crete is ancient and elegant with its historic landmarks, dazzling landscapes, and beautiful beaches. The traditional Mediterranean villages on the island are charming and the cuisine in Crete is brilliant. A two-week road trip around the island in the Summer gives a perfect opportunity to explore Crete at full-scale.

This article describes a suggested route that will guide a life-enjoying traveler like yourself through dreamy Cretan villages, adventurous mountains, the best beaches on the island and ancient antiquities.

Noted down in history, ‘The great island’ Crete in the Greek islands is reported to be the cradle of ancient Greek civilizations. Cydonia, now Chania, was the most powerful city in the West of the island during the Minoan Greek period (2600 to 1100 BC). At the time there were five great cities on the island, of which Knossos is another sublime example. In modern Chania, you’ll still be able to find ancient Greek excavations that date back to the Minoan times of Cydonia.

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