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Traveling solo can either be the most liberating or terrifying experience a person can have and on average it’s a combination of both. Not knowing what to expect from a new city, country and culture can be the exciting part of it all. I took a chance and decided to travel to Marrakech as part of my 3 month travel journey.  Marrakech being in the heart of Morocco was slightly daunting to visit alone especially as a woman.

When I say I had nothing planned I mean nothing. Found an incredible cheap hostel right in the square of Marrakech they offered tours that of course, they push on you when you arrive. But to be honest, I was an easy sell. I had nothing planned and it was written all over my face. I find traveling with a tour or group to be more beneficial to the budget and safer when your itinerary is open.

So I hoped on a desert tour first thing in the morning 2 nights 3 days traveling into the desert by camel for a night under the stars. Sound magical right?

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