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One of my first memories as a child is of Venice. My dad’s client bought me some kind of toy, and we took a ride on a boat taxi. I’ve been there a couple of times in the coming years, but I have very few memories. This time, tt was at least 10 years since my last visit: I had longed for a chance to come back in Venice since I bought my first serious camera, the Olympus OM-D. Besides, it’s just a 2 hours drive, there’s really no excuse.I left with my mum, dad and neighbor couple around 7 AM. It was December 30th, so I wouldn’t have much decent-light time —or any light at all, for that matter. Our schedule was packed. The night before I had downloaded the PhotoPills app (highly recommended) and planned the trip, knowing I wanted to see Burano, the core of the city centre in Venice and —mandatory— to be in Piazza San Marco at sundown. PhotoPills actually tells you the exact time the golden hour (and other kinds of light) is, among other things.We had planned to go a couple of days before, but December is a rainy month in Northern Italy. It was supposed to rain that day. Against the odds, we found a gorgeous weather: colorful and heavy clouds in the morning; pleasant streaky clouds after noon. We decided Burano was going to be our first stop. We got a daily vaporetto (the water “buses” in Venice) ticket. Prices are incredibly high in Venice, be advised. Just before hopping on the vaporetto, I got a couple of shots of boats passing under a nearby bridge.

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