I’m an archaeologist. And a photographer. I spent my first six weeks in Jordan excavating and photographing at Humayma, and the last three weeks photographing Hismaic inscriptions petroglyphs in the Wadi Hafir as part of a photographic survey to create 3D models using photogrammetry - see http://http://wadihafirsurvey.info-For the first six weeks we lived at the Shokini apartments in Aqaba. Jordan's only coastal resort city on the Red Sea, this small tax-free zone is bustling and filled with markets, hotels, beaches and plenty of mosques for your 4am wake-up call. It was bearable from late May, but by the end of June the heat and humidity of the city was insane. Driving back from a morning spent excavating in the desert, where it was hot but dry, as the bus would descend from the mountains everyone became drenched in sweat once we hit the wall of humidity. It was a relief to head north to Amman at the beginning of July - not that the reprieve lasted long, for we headed back south to Wadi Rum for our survey after a few days.

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