Hi I'm Yulie I am here to share  my experience about K-1 Visa. After my k-1 Visa was approved in manila embassy. Then I was super excited to fly to the U.S. While I am in the plane I am super happy because I cant wait to be with my fiance. I cant wait to meet all of his family and friends. I am also excited to see the United States of America. As I am always wondering on how different it is  the U.S. compared to our own country, the Philippines. By that time I had no idea that the processing on k-1 visa had not ended yet and there were many more steps that needed to be done (adjustment of status for example). After I arrived in the U.S. I went to fill out some form inside the airport and then I proceed to the immigration. The immigration asked me the question of why I came to the U.S.. They asked me where I am going and to which state. Then after immigration I proceed to the claiming luggage. I was really upset because the line up is too long to see. By the time I get my luggage it was

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