In the latest episode of On Margins (iTunes, Google Play), Kevin Kelly and I discuss traveling around and photographing Asia in the 1970s with just a Nikkormat and a canvas backpack filled with Kodachrome. In 2002, Kevin turned his tens of thousands of images from those travels into the Taschen published book, Asia Grace (Amazon link).

Kevin is most commonly known for his books and essays on technology, for being a founding member of Wired Magazine, and for being part of the Whole Earth Catalog with Stewart Brand. But I know Kevin mostly as a guy who likes walking.

Together, Kevin and I have walked along parts of the old Nakasendo, the 88 Temples of Shikoku, and the Kumano Kodo ancient pilgrimage route. During our perambulations I’ve heard many-a-tale of Kevin’s adventures, but after the walks, the stories I kept returning to again and again were those of Kevin traipsing around Asia in his youth.

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