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After originally posting this I received a bit of backlash from a few residents in Kibera via twitter. I decided to add a little buffer to this post so that you, the reader, can understand where I am coming from. This was my first experience traveling to Kibera and was only one day of my time spent in Kenya - not a summation of my entire trip. As you can imagine many of my emotions and thoughts were quite scrambled as this was quite a unique experience for me. In my personal journal I tried to organize and write down those thoughts as best as possible. This is not a post about the condition of Kibera or its people. I would never claim to have that knowledge as I have not done much research in the way of understanding it, nor did I spend enough time or meet enough people there to get a full picture of the beauty Kibera has to offer. As surface level as it may seem to some readers, the text used in this post is from my journal and is my most honest expression of trying to understand perspectives of those who live there.Understanding the perspectives of others is certainly not an easy task and as you may read below I am still left wondering, not claiming to have the answers. All I know from this experience is the way I felt, the things I saw, the commonalities I had, and my few thoughts left over after the day was through. If you continue viewing this post please know that all the writing comes from the bottom of my heart and is not meant to offend anyone. My only hope is to share my feelings and inspire others to visit Kibera and connect with those who live there first hand. I appreciate your interest and if you have questions please email [email protected]

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