Lets travel to mongolia with matteo allegro 5

Mongolia is a fantastic place where one can experience real adventures in a never ending wild plain from the Gobi Desert to the green steppe of Dornod.

During my trip to Mongolia, I had the luck to face the legendary Mongolian hospitality as I stayed for a few weeks together with nomad herders experiencing their way of life. It was an absolutely intense experience due to the extreme wildness of the nature and to exceptional opportunity of tasting their tough costumes. Together with my hosts I had the opportunity to take care of the animals, ride horses, prepare traditional food and drink tons of milk tea...and Vodka!

Even if we couldn't talk to each other since I couldn't speak Mongolian and they couldn't speak English, we finally managed to establish strong relationships and I'll definitely keep those memories in the depht of my heart.

For sure Mongolia is a tough place for tough people but I can say that Mongolian herders are as big-hearted as nobody else I have ever met in my travels around the world.

With my pictures, I tried to capture the beautiful huge spaces of the Central Gobi and of the Eastern Steppe of Dornod together with the proud attitude of Mongolian people.

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