During my trip to Italy, I was nearby Venice when a friend told me that was the carnival week there and that we should definitely check it out. We had planned a visit to Venice but we never thought this special event was happening and that was a special treat. I have seen many pictures of this famous Carnival, but I have never imagined being part of it.

A friend and I arrived there with high expectations. After walking on the first bridge we were already speechless. The city is gorgeous, very romantic and has a lot of charm.

For this occasion, everyone was wearing masks and some of them were wearing specific 9th-century costumes. It felt like a movie. Discovering the city with a local friend helped us to learn more about Venice culture and curiosities. Our Italian friend brought us to the main square called “Piazza San Marco” crowed with musicians playing the violin and people dancing all very memorable and beautiful.  At the square there is a church with an imprecise byzantine architecture, inside you can see the walls covered by golden mosaics.

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