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Between job, photo gigs, and online classes, I’ve been running behind with editing some of my personal projects. I’m very excited to finally publish some photos from a backpacking trip to Lost Coast that took place over the 4h of July weekend. The images below are a mix of DSLR and iPhone, all of them edited with a Vsco Kodak Portra 160 VC preset. It’s one of my favorite filters and some people have even asked me in the past if I shoot film, which I guess is a great compliment for Vsco, and their attempt to imitate the look of certain film types. (Disclaimer for film purists: I LOVE film, but haven’t shot film in a long time and plan on returning to it soon. There’s nothing really like it out there in the digital world, and I know it.)
Hauling my DSLR with a heavy 35mm lens on this trip was not the best idea ever. Not only was the hike difficult, but having the extra weight made it even harder. Certain stretches required some scrambling or dodging waves, so having an expensive (and heavy as hell) DSLR dangling around my neck was not wise. After a few hours, I tucked the camera away in my backpack, and took photos only with my iPhone the rest of the way. I will look into bringing a smaller camera on future trips - please send me your recommendations if you use one that you love. With no further due, here are the pics and the story. Enjoy the ride!

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