K1 visa interview in manila tips

K-1 Visa, Interview, St Luke's Medical Experience.   Hi! I am Yulie Sullivan.  I'm here to share my experience on K-1 Visa processing and interview in Manila embassy, I am currently living in U,S now. After the nightmare of long process on K-1 Visa, I know most of you guys is stressed too about this steps-by- steps processing.  You think it ends only in Manila, well guess what? Nope! The K1 Visa processing nightmare never ends until you get here in U,S but I can say it’s less stress once you have finally made it to the United States of America. I know what it feels like though when your in the middle of all this processing. You have mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness, but also happy because we have found our true love. I am going to give you some advise, tips and share my experience on K-1 Visa processing and the interview process. I also have provided you with a K-1, K-2 Visa Checklist of Things To Do. Just be true and confident that you can get through all of these

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