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Man Expeditions did it again. It brought together eighteen guys from all across the globe to a new adventure. This time, the stunning Cape Town was the perfect scenario for the incredible journey we were about to enroll. The excitement of not only discovering the enchantment aura dominating the very last city at the south tip of the African continent, but also to challenge our bodies and limitations, and discover each other as human beings. Eighteen fellas who have never seen each other before had just set themselves on an unforgettable journey. Welcome to South Africa!

Cape Town is the second-most populous urban area in the country after Johannesburg, located at its south coast, known for its mountain chains and breath-taking landscapes which will wow you every step of the way. The “Mother City” was named in 2014 the best place in the world to visit by both the American New York Times and the British Daily Telegraph and all the buzz is 100% justified and fair.

Our check-in started on March 12th, on a sunny and beautiful Monday morning. The first guys to arrive started the day at the swimming pool enjoying a few cocktails while welcoming every newcomer walking into the building. We all stayed in Glen Beach Villas-Apartment, a perfectly located and very exclusive complex that features stunning views of the sea, high ending architecture, and design with spacious rooms, amenities and a long dining table big enough to serve daily feasts to all of us.

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