Niigata Prefecture is one of those hidden gems in Japan that foreign tourists have yet to discover — especially as a foodie destination! After all, this area is well-known amongst the Japanese as one of the country’s best culinary hotspots given its fresh and bountiful grains, greens, and seafood.

In fact, due to its great climate conditions and prime location, the Niigata Prefecture which is nestled between the sea and the mountains is also commonly referred to as the land of rice and sake (Japanese rice wine). I’ve been in touch with several locals in my travels whilst I was in Japan and if I ever mentioned any of these 2 words, they would mention Niigata at one point or another in our discussions.

Anyhow, I have travelled to Niigata myself just last year and I can assure you that the taste of rice and sake in these parts are superbly rich and flavorful! Not only that, but the range of dishes that they have can leave any kind of traveler wanting for more (because it surely made me feel that way!).

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