Today we woke up in Voss and the first direction... upwards to the alpine skiing above. Even before we put on our skis at the bottom of the slopes we were treated to a stunning view down and over Voss itself. As most of us had never been skiing before we were given a fantastic crash course and actually it was so good we were off and downwards in not much time at all. I was loving every minute of it. Actually stayed on my feet, getting braver and braver, taking in all the great sights around and over the mountains as we spent most of the day enjoying the sun and snow. After lots of that fresh air we took a bus ride down the road to the great town of Bergen. Suddenly we met a bit of town life and were better to see the whole town but from above by taking a trip up on the Flohibahnen. Wow! to see the town in all its glory at dusk watching the lights of the night come on made it better still. Bergen also has a famous area called Bryggen that we were shown. This area is famous for its

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