First thing today we took the bus out of Oslo and headed to Norefjell, one of Norway's premier skiing resorts. Another action packed day ahead. So far on this trip I have found that road journeys have not involved getting some rest, impossible with the winter wonderland views around every corner, The sun shining down on the deep snow and pine trees and frozen snow covered lakes just keeps you in awe. As we neared our destination we wound round and round up the mountain and suddenly into view came the ski resort of Norefjell. Hotel spa and as much skiing as you wish for. All with wonderful views. So, my first venture into cross country skiing! Glide they said, mmm, I made a few connections with the ground with every part of my body, my ribs took a battering on a downhill slope but it was fantastic fun! We all had such a great time. As the day grew on I managed to stay on my feet and had a 'sort of' rythm. Tonight we are staying in a nearby gorgeous cabin at Recover Norefjell, b

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