Countries in europe least visited underrated destinations2

France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Germany are the top 5 countries in Europe that receive the most number of travelers every year — and I bet this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. The entire world really wants to visit these places and I bet that you want to see them too!

The most notable downside of this fact, however, is that they are often ridiculously crowded especially if you don’t time your visit well. Summer is usually the no-go season for such things, but surely you would want to have your own piece of ‘European sun’ without suffering the swarm of tourists.

Fortunately for you, there are still a LOT of ‘hidden gems‘ in Europe that can give you exactly what you want: an out of the ordinary destination with a fewer number of visitors abound. And through this post, I have partnered up with Expedia.com to bring to you 20 “off the beaten path” countries in Europe that are least visited!

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