I must have made the statement “this place is unreal” about a thousand times to my game-for-anything friend Carie, who trusted me blindly when I invited her to join me on a trip to the Middle East, and a country that she knew little to nothing about (or that it even existed). All she needed to know was that if I was interested in exploring it, she should be too. (Which is a great indicator of a solid travel partner, by the way.)

Zighy Bay, just outside of Dibba, in the northern part of Oman.Breanna Wilson

So, we planned a trip that would put us in Oman for just over a week. Two girls traveling alone in a part of the world that most people are completely terrified of, and we couldn’t have been more excited. The trip was setting itself up to be an experience of a lifetime. (And spoiler alert: it was.)

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