"We will be arriving in Mandalay international airport in 10 minutes - please remain seated until landing". After almost 24 hours of travel to get here, I was more relieved than happy to hear these words from the cabin crew. 20 minutes later, I was sat in a taxi, on my way to my guesthouse. It was so refreshing to step off the plane and feel the rays of sunshine hit me. The cold in South Korea has been usually brutal for someone who usually loves winter back home. My taxi driver was a man with a little pot belly, old-fashioned glasses, and a beautiful longyi on. He was happily telling me about all the sights we were passing, as we got lost trying to find my guesthouse. We laughed and giggled about it, until he asked for directions. I was still giggling insanely at his jokes when we finally found my guesthouse. I was halfway through opening my car door, when an excited lady opened it, and gave me the biggest hug. "Hello Lily! Welcome to Mandalay! Welcome! I am Nan Bwe! Let me show

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