On June 2015, I spent over a month backpacking through Turkey starting from Istanbul and went all the way east to Kars before crossing the border to Georgia. Most backpackers I know only travel to Istanbul and call it a day but Turkey is so much more than that and within this article, I will take you off-the-beaten-path and see the real Turkey as how it should be seen.

Turkey sits at the crossroad between Europe and Asia and has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age by many civilizations making Turkey one of the best destinations to travel to for history buffs and adventurers alike who enjoys walking around historical places. Other than that, the people are amazingly friendly especially in the east, the food outrageously delicious and the cost of traveling very affordable. If you are looking to get yourself introduced to the middle east region, there is no better place than Turkey.

While June - August is a high season where the price, temperature, and the number of tourists are at its highest, I would recommend you to visit Turkey either in May or in September to avoid the high price and the crowds. The weather in May and September are still great and the price not at its highest. You might get some rainy days but I think it is worth a sacrifice to avoid spending more during high season.

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