If you’re ready to plan a your dream Maldives Vacation, a Maldives Honeymoon or even a trip to the Maldives on a budget – then you are in the right place! I recently spent 10 wonderful days in the Maldives and was surprised to find out that it wasn’t as expensive as I had initially imagined, but there are a few hints and tips that would have helped with the planning. With over water bungalows attached to almost every resort island, and some the bluest waters you’re ever likely to see, it is truly a paradise. I once thought the Maldives were reserved only for the honeymooners and the super rich, and whilst we can never describe the Maldives as a ‘cheap’ destination, this post will show you that there a range of flight, transfer and resort options to suit every budget. A Maldives holidays was a #travelgoal of mine, and one that I would love to help all of you reach. Keep reading for my ultimate guide to how to plan a Maldives vacation on a budget!

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