11 Towns in Tasmania You MUST Set Foot In en

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Top 11 towns in Tasmania to visit on your road trip around the Apple Isle.

Why I Traveled To Yemen For My Vacation en

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Travel to Yemen? If you read the current government warnings, this would seem like an absurd idea, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. Off I wen..

Bangkok Breakdown – One Wild Night en

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For the first time visitor, Bangkok can be something a sensory overload. With its glittering array of exotic sights, sounds, smells and tastes set t..

Uyuni Salt Flats: A guide to Bolivia’s stunning landscape en

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Salar de Uyuni is one of the driest places on earth—but that’s not what makes it remarkable. Instead, it’s the stark landscape that pits a vibrant b..

Photo Essay Part 2 - ZhangJiaJie (Avatar’s Mountains) & Tianmen Shan en

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Photo Essay - ZhangJiaJie (Avatar’s Mountains), China Part 2/2 - Solo Traveler’s Journal #6 Continuing from part 1, where we left off at the end of ..

Penrith Castle - The residence of a future king en

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If you have ever entered Penrith, Cumbria, from the M6 via the A592 you may have noticed that opposite the main railway station, sits a set of sands..

Kathmandu: A City Unlike Any Other en

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Kathmandu is the kind of city that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The culture is strong and the atmosphere is rustic.

Dispelling The 'Unsafe' Myth of Naples en

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Before we'd even arrived into the ancient Italian port city of Napoli - that's Naples to the English speaking world - people either from home or onl..

Bhutan - The land of monks, monasteries and mountains en

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Standing in the patio under the starry night sky with peace and quiet for company and Black Necked Cranes calling occasionally in the distance for m..

Madain Saleh: Hitchhiking Through Saudi Arabia en

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Blog post at myWanderlist : Nobody visits Petra's twin city in Saudi Arabia. Outsiders think they can't get a visa and locals believe the entire sit..

19 Interesting Facts About Italy en

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It's not all pizza and mafia! Here is 19 interesting facts about Italy 1. The name “Italy” comes from the Greek “italos” which means calf land.

Death Valley with David Middleton and Brenda Berry en

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As you know, back in November I ventured out to Death Valley for the rare delight of a kidless adventure. It was a two-part trip of camping with fri..

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Hiking the Routeburn Track in New Zealand, a day to day description and tips for travelers considering this awesome hike in the land of the long whi..