What To Do In Bruges: Of Cycling, Belgian Waffles And Canals — The Gone Goat

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When I first heard of Brugges or ‘Bruges’, I often wondered why this charming little city was famous and what were the things to do? Was it for its ..

Top 10 Things To Do In Bishkek - The Best Insider's Tips To Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

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When I first arrived in Bishkek, I did not plan to spend much time in the city, as I was looking forward to spending more time in the mountainous re..

How To Hike To Wadi Shab Secret Cave Without A Guide - A Guide To Hidden Waterfalls In Wadi Shab, Oman

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Located between Muscat and Sur, Wadi Shab is a stunning valley with a river that runs through it and within the valley, there is a hidden waterfall ..

Bali Itinerary For 10 Days - Kelana By Kayla

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Bali is easily the most popular island in Indonesia, and maybe even Asia! With its beautiful locals, tasty cuisine, fascinating culture and relax be..

The Curious Tale Of How Italy Became The World Capital Of Coffee — Quartz

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In 1959, Italian novelist Italo Calvino received a grant to spend six months in the US. Once he arrived in New York City, he discovered a disturbing..

Hitchin Travel Guide: Things To Do, Cafes, Restaurants & Nights Out

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Hitchin, Hertfordshire is a small, market town of just over 30,000 residents, with records of its existence dating back around 1000 years. The histo..

50 Things To Do In Porto Portugal. A Complete Porto Travel Guide

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While Lisbon currently enjoys tourism’s capricious limelight, Porto is quickly becoming a destination of choice. A small city compared to the ca..

Microadventure - An Introduction

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What is a microadventure? Whose idea was microadventure? What can I do? Find out more at www.alastairhumphreys.com

The Ultimate Backpacking Guide To Oman - 7 Days Budget Itinerary For Backpackers

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Oman is one of the biggest surprises for me this year. I went into the country thinking that I would not enjoy it as it is so expensive and they don..

Rick Steves Wants To Save The World, One Vacation At A Time - The New York Times

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The travel guru believes the tiniest exposure to other cultures will change Americans’ entire lives. RICK STEVES CAN TELL YOU how to avoid havin..

The Conflict In Kashmir, Explained

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Why Kashmir remains one of the most militarized regions in the world. Become a Video Lab member! http://bit.ly/video-lab The dispute between India a..

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Nowadays, Krakow has become the new trendy hot spot for travelers to visit in Central Europe and for good reasons. Unlike Warsaw, even though Krakow..

Malaysia 2 Weeks Itinerary: An Adventurous Guide To The Tropics — The Gone Goat

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Spending my entire life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and not being able to share with you the wonderful and adventurous off-beat things to do via a two..

Best Travel Books: 25+ Top Reads For Any Traveler To Inspire & Enlighten

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Travel books we recommend, whether for long trips or relaxing weekends. Looking for good books to read for travel inspiration? Perhaps you s..

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In Search Of The Source Of Tea

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We are deep in the tea mountains of Xishuangbanna Prefecture in China’s Yunnan Province. Villages inhabited by the Dai, Bulang, Lahu, Akha, and othe..