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Today's post comes from our friends, Agness and Cez over at eTramping.com.

Unlike its northern neighbour, South Korea has a booming tourist economy, with many travellers citing it’s their favourite place in all of Eastern Asia. Backpackers teaching English abroad will be particularly familiar with this part of the world, as it’s an excellent starting point for earning money while on the road, or even putting down some roots to enjoy this diverse and welcoming country and culture for a few years.

South Koreans also like to enjoy their vacations, and with an island like Jeju on your doorstep, why wouldn’t you flock to it the second you get the chance? There must be a reason it’s known as “the island of the gods,” and “the Korean Hawaii.” It’s also the perfect size for a unique and unforgettable road trip, and traveller bloggers Agness and Cez are here to guide you to the best sights this fascinating island has to offer. Just watch out for all the honeymooners!

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