Scotland is the most northern country of the United Kingdom. Explore its wilderness to discover the lochs surrounded by the Highlands or go on a road trip on the famous North Coast 500. You can also explore its rich history in some of the most popular British cities to visit in Scotland: Aberdeen, Edinburgh (capital), Glasgow, and Inverness. Discover Scotland travel costs in each of these fantastic destinations below!

In the place where the Dee and Don rivers flow into the North Sea stands the port city of Aberdeen. Home of sailors who dock their boats right in the city center, Aberdeen is split into two parts which happily coexist: old Aberdeen and Footdee. The latter is a fisherman’s village, with small cottages, in full contrast to the otherwise cosmopolitan university city.

A budget visit to Aberdeen will cost you about £ 43 per day, without including accommodation costs. Look below to find detailed Scotland travel costs in Aberdeen.

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