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Colin Delehanty and I are driving in circles around Lower Haight looking for a parking space to leave his truck for the weekend. We happen upon a coveted space along Alamo Square and manoeuvre in quickly before it’s snatched up. We grab our gear from the bed of the truck, throw on our packs and start making our way up Steiner towards Kyle Frost’s apartment. “Hell, why even go to Yosemite when the hills here are just as steep.” Colin jokes. I take a snapchat of us decked out in our gear hiking through San Francisco.We get to Kyle’s, drop our packs and head to Little Chihuahua for a late dinner and beer. Finally calling it a night around 12.30am and crash on the couch as we have an early morning ahead of us.These are the stories that are rarely told. Most people only choose to share stories and photos of grand sunsets or majestic landscapes from their trips. They leave out how they actually got there as it’s not always pretty—we’re guilty of that ourselves—others even go as far as falsifying those majestic moments. We wanted to shed light on this, and show what really goes on when we leave the city for the weekend. That spawned the idea for this series of Exposure narratives. Document one of our weekends in Yosemite, as seen from three photographer’s perspectives. This is part one of the three part series.

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