There’s something undeniably interesting about serial killers and true-crime stories. Just look at all the podcasts, books, and documentaries out there detailing everything about the people who do the unthinkable. It may seem twisted to some, but no true-crime experience tops actually going to the locations where they happened. To meet the unlikely demand for the macabre, there are serial killer tours across the country and abroad that satisfy every dark curiosity you could have about people who kill again and again. Here are eight serial killer tours that will make your skin crawl.

H. H. Holmes is considered America’s first serial killer, so what better place to start a weird trip around the country’s serial killer crime scenes? Holmes went on his streak in 1893 during the World’s Fair. He was somewhat private as far as serial killers go and committed his acts in a place that was dubbed the “Murder Castle.” It’s no longer standing, but the Devil & the White City tour takes you to what remains of the location, as well as to the places where Holmes targeted his victims.

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