Japan is known for putting a fun twist to things that are often mundane in most parts of the world — and for this post, let’s take trains as an example. I’ve definitely heard of ones that were designed after kawaii (cute) characters like Hello Kitty and Pikachu. There are even onsen (hot spring) and ninja trains! But if you want something unique that’s new and more of a hidden gem, I would highly suggest that you check out Nankai‘s Kada Sakana Line Sightseeing Train: the Medetai Train!

I had the chance to ride this line and not only was it enjoyable to see the detailed designs that were used, but it was also exciting to explore one of its stops such as Kada, a charming seaside town. The best part? The Medetai Train is easy to make as one of the exciting day trips from Osaka that you can do when you’re already exploring Kansai region — all with the help of a  NANKAI ALL LINE 2day Pass! (More details about this pass at the end of this article). .

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