Does Singapore have a soul?

This is a question that commonly pops up when researching the young super-state of Singapore.

It got me pondering on the thought of what exactly a soul is, its various meanings to various people. Is it something omnipresent, intertwined with time and space, alive and spiritual, deep within a living heart, giving it the power to beat and feel? Or maybe it’s just beyond human comprehension.

I stumbled upon a profound and inspirational quote by John O'Donohue: “Beauty Is The Illumination of Your Soul.”

Singapore with its beautiful modern artistic architecture effortlessly blended with nature and the environment, immaculately clean on a city scale, the multicultural atmosphere and respect for your fellow human being, making it one of the safest places in earth, the rich mix of worldly foods and material delights, the all-year-round hot climate. It’s a city like no other, fresh, modern, and alive.

In answer to the question, Singapore truly has the most brightest and beautiful soul I’ve ever seen.

Go and see its beauty for yourself!

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