In 2016, I began creating my bucket-list and set off into the world with my bag! 5 weeks into my trip in mid-August, after traveling parts of South America, I entered the Galápagos Islands! I didn't even realize what a big deal this was until a week before arriving as I just booked it on a whim with it being so cheap through a tour I was previously part of.

Arriving onto the islands I was immediately surrounded by beauty, nature and heaps of wildlife. It was lovely, warm and the scenery around was just beautiful. Ranging from the rainforest, white sandy beaches, and volcanic rocky land, this place had everything to offer. Walking down the harbor next to the electric blue water, marine iguanas were running around, dodging in and out of pelicans and the sky was full of blue-footed boobies and frigate birds swooping down and catching fish from the sea.

My first tour I took part in was a snorkeling off a nearby islet to see white-tipped and black-tipped reef sharks. We followed the guide along the coast and I was amazed at how many fish there was, all different species, big, small and colorful surrounded me. Amazing things happen when you least expect. After seeing sharks and walles, a sea-lion pup got in the water with us and put on its very own show! The cute and curious sea-lion jumped and twirled, dodging in and out of us, really checking us out. It was so cute and at times it would swim right into the lens of my GoPro almost like it knew the camera was there and it was posing for me. This place is a wildlife photographers dream.

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