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It’s no understatement to say that my stopover in South Georgia during my Antarctica cruise with Hurtigruten was the best wildlife experience that I have ever done in my life! After all, this island is often called as the paradise of wildlife-lovers given the huge number of animals that lead their lives there with little to no concern for the occasional human visits.

Though, if I may be so bold to say… I wasn’t actually expecting something unprecedented from such sub-Antarctic islands because I thought that all the ‘fun’ will be found in the White Continent itself; so naturally, it was a welcomed feeling when I was blown away by the beauty of the remote South Georgia island!

Before you start confusing this with the country of Georgia or the USA state of Georgia, let me make clear that South Georgia is an island in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It was first found in 1675 and it is currently a part of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It is NOT part of the Antarctic continent but it does lie south of the Antarctic Convergence (curve encircling Antarctica) and regarded as a sub-Antarctic island.

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