Travel Diary : 2017 Year In Review

youtube.com · 13 days by Aileen Adalid

...20 countries, 5 continents and 41 flights — my 2017 was an intense yet memorable year filled with conquered dreams and EPIC adventures! Thank you..

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Tragedy On Everest en

avauntmagazine.com · 8 mths by Pete R.

Major Andrew Todd recounts his attempt to take Gurkha soldiers to the summit of Everest

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Nepal Times

vimeo.com · almost 3 years by Little Lil

Adventures in the mystical land of Nepal. A cross-section through jungle, city, and mountain. Can't wait to go back to this beautiful place. ❤️‍ /..

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For That Moment In Bhutan And Nepal

vimeo.com · almost 2 years by Pete R.

Three weeks of traveling Bhutan and Nepal are behind us. We explored the fascinations of Buddhism and Hinduism, eavesdropped the prayers of the monk..

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People Of Nepal

vimeo.com · 2 yrs by Little Lil

By Lior Sperandeo. People of Nepal is the first film in the ''People of'' series. We arrived to the shattered city of Katmandu 24 hours after…

Hiking From Jiri To Everest Base Camp: Itinerary & Accommodation Guide en

phenomenalglobe.com · 8 mths by Rob

Detailed itinerary & accommodation info to help you plan your hike from Jiri To Everest Base Camp. Incl. hiking times, lodges along the trek + tips&..

Exploring The Himalayas By Year Of Sundays en

yearofsundays.com · 7 mths by Mary

Another month gone and another country behind us. Our second stop on our around the world adventure was the beautiful Nepal. More specifically, the ..

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Everest - On the Top

vimeo.com · over 2 years by Pete R.

For stock footage or expedition inquiries contact http://[email protected] Experience a journey to the summit of Mt. Everest. CINE Golden Eagle ..

Beauty Of Nepal

vimeo.com · 5 mths by jatkinson

Beauty of Nepal from Kathmandu to Himalaya (Annapurnas) Directed by Ludoc Mix : Samstation Shot on Sony A7S II Music : Ludovic Einaudi - Primaver..

Namaste, Nepal One Year Later

vimeo.com · over 1 year by Mallonchory

One year after the deadly earthquake an estimated four million people are still living in temporary and unsafe shelters. The roads have been cleare..

Three Chapters From Nepal

vimeo.com · 10 mths by Mallonchory

A short documentary excursion to the beautiful country of Nepal, featuring the rural, urban and religious life of its inhabitants. Shot, edited an..

Annapurna Sky: A Journey Through Nepal's Himalaya Region

vimeo.com · 4 mths by Rob

A sensory flight through Nepal's Himalaya region; from the claustrophobic chaos of Kathmandu, to the epic grandeur of the Annapurna National Park. ..