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For 40 years, Outside has sent writers on first descents of rivers, explored the latest fads in fitness and nutrition, watched Everest go from the proving ground of serious mountaineers to a playground for rich explorers, and tested more gear than we could possibly count. As part of our 40th anniversary, we've decided to roll out a series of lists exploring the best of our coverage. First up: the significant, beautiful, and terrifying destinations that loom large in our imaginations.

The sandstone on Slickrock is like Velcro for bike tires. (Louis Arevalo/Tandem)

If Moab, Utah, is mountain biking’s mecca, then Slickrock is the sport’s holiest altar. This trail epitomizes the area’s world-class riding: the 10.7-mile loop is almost entirely on smooth, red Navajo sandstone and offers stunning views of the desert. Tires latch onto the slickrock like Velcro, making all the steep climbs and descents totally rideable—if you have enough chutzpah. —Axie Navas

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