his photo captures a moment that will never come again: a gathering of the first three women to climb Mount Everest. Together, smiling. All are now gone.

Taken by Isabelle Agresti, a French climber, the image is from August 1979 in Chamonix. Junko Tabei of Japan, Phanthog of Tibet, and Wanda Rutkiewicz of Poland were invited that summer by Henri Agresti, a guide at ENSA (L’École Nationale de Ski et d’Alpinisme) who was teaching a class to aspiring mountaineers. In 1976 Henri and Isabelle had been part of a team to establish a new route up Mount Foraker, in Denali National Park, and the two made the first ascent of the mountain Koh-e-Rank in the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan, in 1968.

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