After the last piece I wrote and a few recent conversations, I got a note from my mom. She said ‘when you travel, I feel like I see it through your eyes, you make me feel like I’m there.’ First of all, what a lovely thing to say! But second of all, this got me thinking about the places I’ve been fortunate enough to go and the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have in my short life.

As I started to think about some of the places I’ve been, I kept coming back to one central moment of the experience: the first time you see it (or the first time you really see it).

The first time you see something you know you’re never going to forget, or something you’ve never seen before or even knew could exist. The first time you lay your eyes, your ears, your toes on a place that makes you have a physical response. I wanted to pay a little respect to the views and places that keep me yearning and striving for adventure.

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