“I hate this hill,” I said to the man pushing his mountain bike up the dirt road. He was trying to tell me that it was his age, 75, holding him back from pedaling the whole mile-long 750-foot climb, but I felt I should assure him that it sucks regardless of your age. “I think it’s actually worse biking it than running it.”

Officially, this stretch of road is part of the Green Mountain Trail, in the William Frederick Hayden Park on Green Mountain, which I’m pretty sure everyone just calls “Green Mountain.” If you were visiting Denver, and had half a day to hike, would I take you on a two-mile hike up this road? Hell no. Within earshot, you have two freeways (I-70 and C-470), a shooting range, a motocross track, and a drag racing track. There’s no shade. It’s steep—at one point, it hits a 22 percent grade, according to TrailRunProject.

I don’t know if I truly hate it, but I definitely love/hate it. I like to think most of us have a hill like this in our lives, where we go for a workout that’s better than hiking up a concrete stairwell inside a high-rise building, but just barely.

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