In December of 1973 a decision I made would have the most significant influence on the rest of my life. It would take me to all corners of the globe and bring me the happiest, and some of the saddest, times of my life and would eventually provide me with a beautiful family with the same outlook on adventure and enjoyment. In December 1973 I made my first parachute jump.

Fast forward 41 years to August 25th 2014 and a special time and place. We are in Slovenia, at Skydive Lesce, Lake Bled. With me is my wife Sara, an experienced skydiver herself; it’s how we met in 1994, and our two children Lucy and Tom. Over Lake Bled I would be skydiving with both of the children to commemorate my decision to retire from parachuting and make my final two skydives. Having successfully jumped with Tom the time now came for The Last Skydive with Lucy.

A beautiful location, against the mountains of the Julian Alps and with Slovenia’s national treasure, Lake Bled, nearby, you could not ask for a better destination to create a wonderful lifelong memory.

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