Call it a dream, a polar spirit or a natural phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis is nothing short of magic. When Mother Nature parades it most glorious display, it will just leave you spellbound and seduced. Gleaming hypnotically across the night sky, the Northern Lights are an absolute wonder and a lifetime experience.

This trip has been on my agenda since the last two years but for some reason it didn’t work out. And you know what! I’m glad it didn’t. Because March 2016 turned out to be just perfect!! Not only did I spot Lady Aurora but I also had a magical time in Finnish Lapland. The only reason I’m writing a separate post about Northern Lights is because there’s so much you need to know about it and there’s a lot that goes into planning this trip. While I was doing some research before my trip, I had to scout a zillion websites for all the information I needed. So I put down all the questions I had when I was planning this adventure with related answers from my own experience.

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