Every March from here on, humanity will pause to remember what that month in 2020 started. And stopped. For those of us in travel, by many accounts the world’s largest industry in its most expansive manifestations, the fear of the virus traveling around the world meant the carriers of that virus — us humans traveling — had to stop. All at once. And all at once we did, in a global slamming of the brakes heard around the world and imprinted in our collective industry brains forever.

As I wrote in my essay published back then, March 14, 2020 was “the day we will always remember from here on out as The Day the World Stopped Traveling.” In that essay I also wrote about Skift’s role through the historic times that we were going through and documenting: ”We are covering the most consequential moment of our lifetime, and we aim to be the most consequential company deciphering this for the global travel industry and for the world to understand what is happening in travel right now, why, and what the path ahead is.”

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